The Barr McIntosh Advisory Start-Up and Small Business Mentoring Package is a completely bespoke service that provides one-one-one, targeted and practical advice to start-ups and small business.

The programme can cover anything that your business is struggling or with or that you might need some guidance with.

We have a number of practical solutions to help you to establish and grow your business.

We can work with you on what to do in the first few months of opening your business, how to find clients, your CRM, recruiting and what to do once you have an overwhelming number of clients.

We guide you through a Go-To-Market approach and what to do next.

With our combined skills in the running of small to medium business and governance, we give you the edge above the competition.

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package inclusions

The Mentoring Package can be completely designed to suit your business. Generally the package includes:

• Real one-on-one practical mentoring
• A tangible Go-To-Market plan
• The Start-Up Roadmap
• A Professional Profile that can be adapted for any purpose
• LinkedIn advice and guidance
• Ongoing guidance and support
• Guidance through the recruiting process

See our full Products & Services Menu for all available inclusions.


The cost of this package is $3,000.

The package is usually conducted over a 5 month period ($600 per session), however can be designed to suit your needs.

We are a bespoke service and will work with you to select the right package for you.

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How To Lock It Down and turn your dream into a reality

Your business is your identity, your life and livelihood. Let’s turn your business idea into a reality and get your company out there!

Invest in your future and gain the insight and experience of a professional.

Although we are a bespoke service, we have a number of packages to suit your needs, so you can choose the right package for you.