We provide a number of bespoke products and services to suit any career advice requirement. We have also created three career advice packages which cover the most useful products and services, including the Three-Tiered Resume.

For our clients, we provide:

• A guide through the drastic changes occurring in the recruiting environment
• A personalised review
• An audit of your current CV / Resume
• A One-Page Professional Profile
• Your Career Story
• LinkedIn advice and guidance
• The Career Roadmap
• Your Video Resume Interview
• Tailored career coaching and mentoring
• Ongoing guidance and support throughout your job search
• Membership to The Barr McIntosh Black Book
• Ebook : Your Next Challenge – A Step by Step Guide to Finding your Next Career Opportunity
• Ebook : The Search Master eBook - A Step by Step Guide to Delivering Quality Talent

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Our products & Packages

We have a number of products, services and packages to suit your needs. We are a bespoke service, so choose the right one for you.

Check out our Products & Services Menu for a complete list of all of our items, including package deals. This PDF give you a breakdown of what each item is about and how it is delivered to you.

For information about our packages and pricing, see our Career Advice page.