Are you being seen?

The landscape for on-the-market professionals, jobseekers, career advances and budding entrepreneurs is challenging. It doesn’t have to be daunting.

Barr McIntosh Advisory can give you an edge over the competition.

Providing Career Advice and Guidance, including CV/Resumes, Professional Profiles, LinkedIn, Video Resumes and Coaching, we walk you through the hiring process and work with you to get you that job.

Barr McIntosh Advisory also provides Mentoring and Guidance for Start-Ups and Small Business.

Known for providing honest, intelligent and highly commercial advice, Barr McIntosh Advisory will help you take advantage of opportunities by presenting you with the greatest impact and in the best possible light.

We have a depth of knowledge into the minds of Recruitment, HR and Talent Acquisition Executives.

From our high level experience, we’ve created the Three-Tiered Resume approach to get you interviewed and hired.

Video is the new resume

The traditional resume no longer gets you to the top of the pile.

In today’s highly competitive job market, a Video Resume to accompany your Professional Profile and LinkedIn Profile is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

A discussion on the future of Resumes

A Video Resume Interview Example

Yana Martens, Photo & Video Confidence Coach, had a quick chat about the revolution of the Video Resume Interview with Colin Barr, Senior Advisor at Barr McIntosh Advisory.

At Barr McIntosh Advisory, we believe the Video Resume is the future.

The Video Resume is an essential part of the future recruitment process. Is it an effective process for recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s technical efficiencies and personality traits.

This is the future.

The Video Resume Interview is the most powerful tool you can use in the Job Search Process. It is the future.

A Video Resume Interview puts the best of you forward from the start and is a powerful tool in securing that all important interview.

We specialise in creating executive standard Video Resume Interviews.

The Video Resume Interview is the future. Let us help you take control of your future now.